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Definition of Yacht Club


One of the mandates of LOCCA is to facilitate club cruises around Lake Ontario and also to prevent the deterioration of reciprocal privileges by many Yacht Clubs (YC) around the lake.  This deterioration has many causes some of which are:

  • Need for different sources of revenue (financial hardship)
  • Club members wanting to go to “True Reciprocals” as a tit for tat reaction to clubs that have a restrictive reciprocal policy (financial or logistical)

In addition, the YC definition also provides a barrier to marinas wanting to offer reciprocal privileges to YCs which would be considered a serious threat to the viability of YCs.

This definition is different than the one used by Ontario Sailing since LOCCA does not cater to dinghy-only sailing clubs, sailing schools and nor do this category of club offer reciprocal privileges nor are interested in reciprocal privileges, hence the distinction



A Yacht Club for the purposes of LOCCA cruising reciprocal privileges must have all of the following 5 components:

  1. Must be a registered Not-For-Profit
  2. Must have an active cruising and / or racing program
  3. Must provide for a facility for members and visitors to use
  4. Must offer a reciprocal program to other YCs
  5. YC must be a member of Sail Canada/Ontario Sailing or US Sailing