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Britannia Yacht Club

Britannia Yacht Club

Your Cottage in the City

  • Last updated: January 24, 2019

The Britannia Yacht Club (BYC) is a private social club, yacht club and tennis club based in Britannia Ottawa, Ontario. It was founded in 1887 by a group of cottagers.[citation needed] The members have contributed to the sports of yachting and tennis. The non profit corporation celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2012.  The main entrance is on Cassels at Bradford Street.

BYC is located on an extension of land at the eastern end of Lac Deschênes near the Deschênes Rapids on the Ottawa River. A land block owned by the National Capital Commission on the south side of the harbour is leased to the BYC. The area immediately south of the property is occupied by residences of Britannia Bay. To the south and east of the property, the land is owned by the City of Ottawa and is occupied by the Britannia Water Treatment Plant, and the Britannia Conservation area. To the north, is the Town of Aylmer, Quebec across the 800 m span of the Deschênes rapids. The harbour was built from an abandoned power canal, which lay beside the club property. This harbour has been expanded twice since its original development. The harbour water level is controlled by a system of stop logs at its entrance. The harbour is a well-protected basin consisting of a main harbour and an inner harbour, which provide 250 wet moorings of the Mediterranean type or floating finger docks. There are unlimited dry mooring spaces for ramp-launched boats and for crane-launched keel boats of less than 1,360 kg.

  • Yacht Club location: 2777 Cassels St, Ottawa, ON K2B 6N6
  • Latitude:45.3718223
  • Longitude:-75.80231759999998
  • Listing Mailing: 2777 Cassels Street, Ottawa, ON, K2B 6N6
  • Street address for vehicle/pedestrian access: 2777 Cassels Street, Ottawa, ON, K2B 6N6
  • First Night: Free
  • Second Night: Free
  • Third Night: Free
  • Club Website:
  • Club Events:
  • General Club Phone Number: 6138285167
  • General Club Office Email:
  • Cruising Coordinator/Director/Chair Contact Info
  • Name: Paul Moore
  • Email:
  • Role: General Manager