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Oak Orchard Yacht Club

Oak Orchard Yacht Club

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  • Last updated: March 5, 2022

The Oak Orchard Yacht Club was founded in 1938 and began operation at the present site of the public boat launch on the east side of Oak Orchard Creek, near the harbor mouth. The club activities centered on cruising, both sail and power, and an active one design racing program. A few of our current members were active at that time and have some “salty” tales to tell.

In the early seventies, New York State cast a covetous eye on the old site and provided the push to our present location on the west side, about a mile upstream. During this time the members of that era faced the herculean task of arranging funding, permits and the construction of the current facilities. It was then that the tradition of being a “working” club was really cemented. Capital was secured not only by mortgage but, also by members contracting for their docks for ten years in the future. With funds in hand, the memberships spent the winter of 1972 on the ice constructing the docks. The clubhouse was also built entirely by volunteer labor, only the main structural parts were contracted out. Many thanks are given to those that worked so hard to get us off the ground.

The period since has been one of gradual improvement to the facilities and expansion of services to the members. In the early eighties, additional land was purchased on the west side of the road to provide a buffer between the club and the increasing residential surroundings.

We are now in the fortunate position of enjoying a debt free facility in a beautiful location. Our vision of the future is to continue to maintain and improve on the physical structure and to stay true to the yachting traditions of all who gave so much personal effort to create what we enjoy today.