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LOCCA enhances and supports yacht club cruising programs, provides a platform to discuss issues of importance to boaters, their respective yacht clubs and to hosting clubs, as well as coordinate club cruises on the greater Lake Ontario. LOCCA will strive to be inclusive in order to address the issues of all boaters.

LOCCA’s short-term deliverables for member Yacht Clubs are:

  • Individualized web based integrated & interactive cruising schedules for member clubs and individual boaters;
  • Dedicated web pages that provide the following club specific information:
    • Names and contacts of the Cruising Fleet Directors, gas dock attendants, club manager, facilities manager etc.,
    • Reciprocal policies,
    • Key phone numbers,
    • Facilities available to visiting boaters,
    • Boating (depth etc) and other club restrictions,
    • Link to the yacht club web sites,
  • Electronic LOCCA newsletter.

LOCCA will take advantage of new technologies to create a web-based virtual organization thereby creating an environment whereby the executive team, the membership, the Cruising Fleet Captains and the individual boater can work or consult directly online thus avoiding the need for face time meetings.