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Reciprocal Repository

Please view the Definition of a Yacht Club and the Unified Cruising Reciprocal Policy.  You can Also click the green button to generate a PDF of this page for printing and easier viewing on your mobile device.
Club Name True Reciprocal A YC member visiting a YC that offers True Reciprocal will be granted the same reciprocal privilege that is granted to the YC member visiting that club First Night Second Night Third Night Cost per Foot Flat Rate Length of Stay This is the maximum number of consecutive nights a vessel may stay Website
Alexandra Yacht Club Free Free $30.00 2 Site
Aquatic Park Sailing Club Free Free Free 2 Site
Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club Free Free $20.00 5 Site
Bay of Quinte Yacht Club $1.15 per foot Free $1.15 per foot Site
Bluffer’s Park Yacht Club Free Free Free 2 Site
Boulevard Club $2.50/foot Free Free 3 nights per visit. Maximum 3 visits per year. Site
Britannia Yacht Club Free Free Free Site
Brockville Yacht Club Due to COVID-19 concerns, BYC is closed to visitors at this time. Free Free 15 Site
Bronte Harbour Yacht Club Free Free Free Site
Burlington Sailing & Boating Club free free free Site
Cathedral Bluffs Yacht Club Yes-Click left for details True Reciprocal True Reciprocal Varies 3 nights max. per visit - 14 nights per season max. Site
CFB Trenton YC Yes, with some limits True Reciprocal True Reciprocal $30 + $5 for power Site
Cobourg Yacht Club Reciprocals temporarily suspended Town of Cobourg Marina remains open with restrictions See Club website for details No limit to stay or visits per season Site
Crescent Yacht Club Free $25 $25 $25.00 3 days Site
Dalhousie Yacht Club Boat owners from reciprocal clubs are welcome. Those on board must be part of the immediate family bubble. Social distancing is practiced when off of the boat. Free Free $1.35 Site
Etobicoke Yacht Club Free Free $30 Site
Fairport Yacht Club True Reciprocal True Reciprocal True Reciprocal N/A 3 nights maximum Site
Fifty Point Yacht Club Recipricals temporaily suspened for 2020 Charge 5 nights per season Site
Frenchman’s Bay Yacht Club Accepting visitors, with conditions, from reciprocating clubs that are also accepting visitors. Free Free Free 3 nights Site
Genesee Yacht Club Free Free with Vice Commodore permission 2 nights free, nights 3 & 4 w/Vice Comm. permission Site
Harbour City Yacht Club Site
Henderson Harbor Yacht Club Free Free $25.00 Site
Highland Yacht Club Yes, open to reciprocating clubs. See website for policy and/or email Free Free Free 3 days, In emergencies stays can be extended. Site
Island Yacht Club – Open to Visitors for the 2020 Season $3.25 Free $3.25 $3.25 Three Nihgts Max unless previous arrangements have been made Site
Ithaca Yacht Club Free Free $2/ft. 5 nights Site
Kingston Yacht Club Yes, please be prepared to show a valid club membership Card. $2.25 per foot + HST FREE $2.25 per foot + HST $2.25 + HST N/A Max 3 nights Site
Lakeshore Yacht Club Free Free $20.00 Site
Mimico Cruising Club Site
National Yacht Club Free $1.75 per foot of length $1.75 per foot of length 5 day max. per season Site
Nepean Sailing Club Site
Newport Yacht Club – Stoney Creek Inc Free Free 30.00 $30.00 5 days Site
Oak Orchard Yacht Club Site
Oakville Club Free $30.00 Site
Oakville Yacht Squadron Free Free $40.00 per night Flat Rate $40.00 per night for 3rd & 4th nights Max 4 nights Site
Port Credit Yacht Club Free 1.25/ft + tax 1.25/ft + tax 1.25/ft + tax 5 days max. per season Site
Pultneyville Yacht Club Free Free $10.00 $20 Non-Reciprocal Club members, guests Three night max. Site
Queen City Yacht Club Yes Free, if not a true reciprocal Free, if not a true reciprocal Site
Royal Canadian Yacht Club Free $1.50/LF +HST $1.50/LF +HST $1.50/LF +HST N/A 3 nights max per visit & max 3 visits per season. Site
Royal Hamilton Yacht Club Free Free Site
Scarborough Bluffs Sailing Club Yes Free Free $1 per foot $1 Site
Sodus Bay Yacht Club Free $25.00 Site
Thousand Islands Yacht Club Free $1.50 Site
Toronto Hydroplane & Sailing Club Free Free $20.00 Site
Toronto Multihull Cruising Club Yes Free Free $20 Site
Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club Free Free $1 per foot one week Site
Tuscarora Yacht Club $ 10.00 $ 10.00 $ 10.00 3 nights per stay Site
Whitby Yacht Club Free Free $0.50 Site
Youngstown Yacht Club Free Free $1.00 Site